Adguard Premium v2.11.81 Việt hóa – Hướng dẫn cài đặt và cấu hình chi tiết

Adguard Premium v2.11.81 APK bản Full có thể chặn tất cả quảng cáo khi lướt web hoặc quảng cáo trong ứng dụng trên điện thoại Android. Riêng ứng dụng Youtube muốn chặn quảng cáo mình sẽ viết ở bài khác nhé. Một số bạn cài lên nhưng vẫn thấy quảng cáo là do cấu hình chưa đúng, mình sẽ hướng dẫn chi tiết ở bài viết này

Adguard Premium khác AdGuard Content Blocker trên google play nhé. AdGuard Content Blocker chỉ chặn quảng cáo ở Yandex Browser and Samsung Internet browser.

Giao diện Adguard Premium v2.11.81

Giao diện Adguard Premium

Download Adguard v2.11.81

Download ADGUARD (Premium) v2.11.81.apk [17MB] bằng trình duyệt internet điện thoại hoặc máy tính rồi copy vào điện thoại (link không có quảng cáo).

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Hướng dẫn cài đặt

Chọn đúng ADGUARD (Premium) v2.11.81.apk và cài đặt bình thường, nếu điện thoại chặn cài đặt từ nguồn ngoài thì phải vào Cài đặt -> Riêng tư -> Không rõ nguồn gốc -> ON.


Cấu hình, thêm bộ lọc người dùng

1. Bật bộ lọc HTTPS

Từ giao diện sau khi cài đặt xong, vào Menu -> Chọn kích hoạt lọc HTTPS -> Cài dặt chứng chỉ như hình dưới.

Giao dien khi cai dat xong

Chon loc kich hoat

Cai dat chung chi

2. Nhập bộ lọc người dụng (QUAN TRỌNG)

Vào Cài đặt -> Bộ lọc của người dùng -> Nhập dòng dưới

Xin cám ơn đến đã làm ra bộ lọc tuyệt vời, các bạn nên ủng hộ  bằng cách mua bộ lọc VIP. Mình thấy bộ lọc VIP chặn được nhiều trang hơn như baomoi, chotot mà bộ lọc thường không có.

Sau khi hoàn thành, các bạn có thể vào Cài đặt -> Thông báo -> Tắt thông báo. Nên cấp quyền tự khởi động để Adguard Premium tự chạy khi khởi động lại máy nhé.

Nhập bộ lọc người dùng

Tắt thông báo

Khi kéo thanh thông báo thấy hiện biểu tượng như hình dưới là đã thành công. Các bạn không cài được hoặc vẫn bị quảng cáo thì để lại thảo luận bên dưới mình sẽ giúp nhé.

Kiểm tra lại chặn quảng cáo

Thành công rồi nhé!

Adguard Premium v2.11.81 có gì mới

AdGuard for Android version 2.11.81 from April 17, 2018

This update is on a larger side, just judging by the number of entries in the changelog. Two ‘whales’ of this release are both integrations with an external app: AdGuard Assistant and web reporting tool. Assistant will help you manage filtering in apps and browsers from the notification shade, and reporting tool is what it’s called — a convenient way to report any missed ads, false positives and such.

[Added] Extended AdGuard notification — an “Assistant” button #1614

There are now two action buttons in the AdGuard notification. One is “Pause”, which pauses the protection upon tapping (tap again on the notification to resume it), but the more interesting one is “Assistant”. When you tap it, a list of recently used apps and websites will show up. Tap on any of them for more options, like opening filtering log, denying the app network access (or whitelisting/blacklisting in case of a website), or proceeding to the app/website-specific settings screen in Apps Management.

We believe this will save you quite a bit of time, especially if you are an active user and often find yourself in a need to pause protection, whitelist a website etc. In fact, we tested it ourselves and found it extremely convenient! 🙂

[Added] Integration with reporting web tool #1615

This feature is already familiar to AdGuard for Windows, AdGuard for iOS and AdGuard browser extension users. Basically, this is a way to report any filtering-related issue on a page: missed ad, false positive etc. To do so, go to app’s side menu and select “Report an issue”. Instead of an immediate “Send a message to support” screen, you will get a dialog to select the type of issue. Choosing one of the filtering-related issues will open a web page and a wizard will take you step by step through the process of filling in the required information. Don’t worry, most of the fields will be pre-filled by the AdGuard app!

This way of reporting missed ads and such is beneficial to both filters developers and users — the former will get all the information they need to fix the problem, and latter will be sure that the issue will be resolved in the shortest amount of time possible.

Ad blocking

  • [Added] YousList to the list of available filters #1803
  • [Changed] ExtendedCss has been updated to v1.10 #1787
  • [Fixed] Added support for `$network` exceptions rules #1636


  • [Changed] “ExtendedCss” module has been upgraded to v1.0.9 #1633
  • [Changed] Auto-proxy is reconfigured now on network state change #1630
  • [Changed] OpenNIC server address has been updated #1632
  • [Changed] `NXDOMAIN` answer (domain does not exist) is now used instead of `` #1582
  • [Fixed] AdGuard is not capturing the mobile data usage correctly #1665
  • [Fixed] App traffic is blocked on Android 4.x even when it should not be filtered at all #1715
  • [Fixed] Manual VPN connections crash when AG is enabled #1022
  • [Fixed] Error on VPN reconfiguration: failed to bind TUN pcb #1634
  • [Fixed] IPv6 filtering does not work on Oreo 8.1 + Magisk #1679
  • [Fixed] Firewall temporary allowance notification is not displayed #966
  • [Fixed] AdGuard exposes an open port #1640
  • [Fixed] DNS proxy server is now restarted on network change regardless of whether VPN reconfiguration is enabled or not #1780
  • [Fixed] VPN reconfiguration has been disabled by default on Samsung + Oreo #1774
  • [Fixed] Due to IPv6 filtering in proxy mode Facebook believes that IPv6 is accessible #1738
  • [Fixed] IPv6 connectivity is not enabled on protection stop if ‘pref.proxy.block.ipv6’ is enabled #1457
  • [Fixed] Error building the VPN tunnel on the network change on Huawei Mate 10 #1594
  • [Fixed] Ipv6 address lookup error #1786
  • [Fixed] Using DNSCrypt in AdGuard blocks internet connection #1562


  • [Changed] Notification action text color #1784
  • [Changed] HTTPS filtering lists have been divided into pre-defined and user-defined #1748
  • [Changed] 2017 to 2018 #1682
  • [Changed] “Blocked ads” and “blocked trackers” have been separated in the app stats #1590
  • [Changed] “Ad blocking” is now grayed out setting in per-apps settings if “Block ads in apps” is disabled #1484
  • [Fixed] Certificate state styles in HTTPS filtering settings #1551
  • [Fixed] Filtering log search issues #1610
  • [Fixed] Current language is displayed as the default language, instead of the system language #1588
  • [Fixed] Visual glitch with Amazon version activation #1603
  • [Fixed] Filtering log fails to refresh after being cleared #1728
  • [Fixed] Pause/Assistant buttons’ look on Xiaomi #1739
  • [Improved] IconCache now handles non-bitmap icons #1789


      • [Added] New localizations — Spanish (Latin), Danish, Arabic #1583



  • [Changed] AdGuard DNS over IPv6 has been added to the list of regular DNS servers #1799
  • [Changed] Level3 has been removed from the list of available DNS servers #1800
  • [Fixed] Beta build doesn’t have “beta” update channel by default #1377
  • [Fixed] While app is in Russian, preview opens an EN version of Knowledge base article instead of RU #1624
  • [Fixed] FAQ articles are not accessible when AdGuard is switched to Japanese #1622
  • [Fixed] First line of imported user filter rules is always interpreted as an actual rule #1717
  • [Fixed] Disabling net access for Android OS does not work #1498
  • [Fixed] Invalid file types can be imported into the UF #1301
  • [Fixed] AdGuard does not restart automatically after OpenVPN is disabled #1628
  • [Fixed] “Remove certificate” works incorrectly without root #1759
  • [Fixed] AdGuard won’t start on boot on some Oreo devices #1727
  • [Fixed] Autopause does not work when there’s no internet connection #1749
  • [Fixed] “Move certificate to system store” doesn’t work #1763
  • [Fixed] Crash while exporting the log file #1779
  • [Fixed] Google Backup does not work on Wi-Fi in VPN mode #1587
  • [Fixed] It takes too long to stop a local server in manual proxy mode #1746
  • [Fixed] No HTTPS filtering status flag in reports #1740
  • [Fixed] Wi-Fi calling doesn’t work with T-Mobile #1570
  • [Fixed] AdGuard stops working when its language is set to Arabic #1765
  • [Fixed] Compatibility issues

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